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Asthana Arts is a dance where it invites dancers and artists to explore and experiment variety of Malaysian dances in traditional, contemporary and fusion forms. Taught by qualified graduates from notable dance institutions and experienced dance instructors, Asthana Arts is a place that dancers nurture their artistic talents. To preserve and bring in fresh ideas in the world of performing arts especially in the Malaysian traditional , fusion and contemporary dance repertoires, this studio was established and the afflicted to Swarna Malaya Club of Performing Arts University Malaya, Putra Kalakshetra Club of Perfoming Arts University Putra Malaysia and Rasa Lavanya Club of Performing Arts University Kebangsaan Malaysia. Asthana have also toured at Thailand, Indonesia, India and Amsterdam n Cultural Exchange visits. Asthana Arts initiated The Asthana Arts Young Performing Artist Fund, in the effort of creating a platform for deserving students in learning Indian Dance, scholarship of pursuing degree in performing Arts and to support for arts based projects in universities. All income from events and wedding shows are to be channeled to this fund.

-Panchasunthara , Taman Budaya , 2009, Asthana Arts
-Thirunangai , Taman budaya , 2010, Asthana Art
-Varna , Taman budaya, 2010, Asthana Arts
-Mahakavi , Taman Budaya, 2010, Asthana Arts
-The Unquenched Thirst, Soma Auditorium, 2011, Asthana Arts
-Divas & Devas, The Actors Studio, 2011, Asthana Arts
-Naduvan, Temple of fine Arts, 2012, Asthana Arts
-Satyavan Savithri, PWTC, 2012, MIED
-Mahakavi, PWTC, 2011, MIED
-Kannagi, PWTC, 2010, MIED
-Ramayana, Sunway Resort, 2010,MIED
-Ramayana, Universiti Malaya, 2009 Semester 1, Unit Ko Kurikulum
-Laila Majnu, Universiti Malaya, 2010 Semester 1, Unit Ko Kurikulum
-Kannagi , Universiti Malaya, 2010 Semester 2, Unit Ko Kurikulum
-Shakunthala, Universiti Malaya, 2011 Semester 1, Unit Ko Kurikulum
-Lady White Snake, Universiti Malaya, 2011 Semester 2, Unit Ko Kurikulum
-Anarkali , Universit Malaya, 2012, Semester 1, Unit Ko Kurikulum
-Mahsuri, Universiti Malaya, 2012 Semeter 2, Unit Ko Kurikulum
-Asian Ramayana, University Malaya, 2007, Hindu Sevai Sangam
-Shakunthala , UPM, 2003, Putra Kalakshetra

Events  :    
Details Organiser Year
Global Indian Shopping Festival Agenda Suria Communication 2005-2012
International Indian Shopping Festival Agenda Suria Communication 2011-2012
Colours of 1Malaysia - Citrawarna Tourism Ministry 2010. 2011, 2012
Kempen Jalur Gemilang Istana Budaya 2012
Santapan Diraja Istana budaya 2012
Prime Minister Raya Open House JKKN 2012
National Level Deepavali Open House JKKN 2011
National Level Christhmas open House JKKN 2011
Sukan Malaysia Launch DBKL 2011
Motor GP Launch Tourism Ministry 2011
Telegu silver Jubilee Telegu Association 2006
Mahishasurmardhini Malaysia Benggole Association 1999
Hari Wilayah DBKL 2011,2012
Hari Pertabalan Di Raja JKKN 2012
Pepsi Bollywood Commercial Passion Pictures 2007
Diari Akademi fantasia Astro Ria 2007
Avatharam Arambam Astro Vaanavil 2007
Vaanavil talent Quest Astro Vaanavil 2002, 2004, 2006
Astro Sun TV launch Astro corporate affairs 2005
Indian Film Festival Astro Vaanavil 2005
Nokia Bollywood Commercial Passion Pictures 2005
Konsert Suria KLCC Astro Ria 2004
International Tamil Film Awards Astro Vaanavil 2004
Variety of events for Corporate Clients    
Events Organized :    
The Kuala Lumpur Navarathiri Arts Festival 2008-2012    
Samarpanam Tamil New Year Showcase 2009    
Global Organization People of Indian Origin Festival 2012    

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