Central Market

The Annexe Central Market
The history of Central Market goes back to 1888 where the location it now stands was used as an open wet market. Later when the open market continued to expand, a permanent structure was built to house all vendors. Within the 200 years, Central Market or fondly called as CM by the local's has gone through transitions from simple wet market to a hub for all artisctic need of Malaysian Culture.
Under the Art Director Pang Kee Theik and his sidekick Lim Chung Wei, this two buddies always initiate something new for everyone. From rock gigs, to photo exhibitions, art exhibitions, dance and drama fests and more. The Annexe draws huge crowd at their annual Arts for Grab event where artists trades their inspiration to the community in a two day bazaar. A great place to hang out and de- stress yourself and there is always few restaurants to take some sip of Sirap bandung and explore the Artist Lane at the ground floor.

Sonic Image

The Arts and Cultural Bureau of MIC
The artistic touch of lenses from Sonic Image Photography, All Asthana Arts dance images are contributions from Sree. Sree does photography for weddings, events and magazine shoots.
The Arts and Cultural Bureau of MIC is an arm that looks into the needs of Indian Artists and the survival of Indian Arts. From Performing arts such as the Classical dancers, theatre activist, music teachers and schools to commercial arts ranging from singers, composers, actors, producers and more, are invited to be part of this bureau as to be one voice representing Indian Arts and culture. The current chairman Mr Manivaasagam is working with load of arts enthusiasts and Asthana Arts is one of it.

My dance alliance

Persatuan Karyawan Malaysia
MyDance Alliance is a society that supports and promotes dance in Malaysia . Most Malaysia ’s dance institutions are registered member of My dance. Registered My Dance members will receive newsletters and special perks for showcases or seminar held in the arts world. My Dance organized the My Dance festival two years back inviting scholars, artists and critiques all over the world and it is one of most successful event held for Malaysian Performing Arts world. Currently My Dance is head by the artistic director of Rivergrass Dance Theatre, Mew Chang Tsing.
Persatuan Karyawan is a society that safeguards the interests of Malaysian Commercial Artist and Performing Artists. Variety of projects has been done by Karyawan such as the weekend showcases, Karyawan Gala Dinner, Kem Pembangunan Artists and monthly contributions to retired and veteran artists. The Indian Bureau looks into the issues and activities for Indian Based music, dance and drama activities. For further info, contact Mr DP Ghana ( Chairman ) at 016 270 3086 or Ramesh ( Secretary) at 016 296 1073.


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